TLC's Residences for Teens Provide the Structured Environment They Need to Heal

The Living Center's residential treatment center for teens is located in Modesto, California.

Treatment includes individual, group and family counseling, parenting skills, addiction education, relapse prevention training, and recreation therapy. To keep your teen in touch with their studies, the centers provide a professional education evaluation to meet the needs of each adolescent, including access to local schools, independent study supervision, and vocational training.

At our facilities, TLC offers teen support groups on drug and alcohol abstinence, tobacco use among teens, teen suicide, peer pressure, and stress and anger management training. Family counseling is also available with focus on home and family problems, communication, goal setting, tools for life/stress management, family dynamics, morals and boundaries, social skills, and relationship strategies.

TLC residences for teens are located in residential neighborhoods. We believe that success in recovery involves family support. We welcome and encourage your family involvement. Parents, family members and significant others are all welcome in the teen's treatment plan.



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